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Last month at the Ignite conference, Microsoft has announced the commercial availability of Azure Stack, the long-awaited hybrid cloud platform from Redmond. The product that was supposed to be shipped almost a year ago got delayed due to multiple factors. It’s finally available from select OEM vendors as a hyper-converged appliance. Despite the delay, the Microsoft ecosystem is excited about the hybrid cloud opportunity delivered by Azure Stack. Azure Stack is shipped at a time when the industry is skeptical about hybrid cloud. Microsoft’s packaging and pricing strategy of Azure Stack, which went through a few iterations causing further delay, got the analysts question about the seriousness. But at the end, Azure Stack comes across as a compelling hybrid cloud platform. Since the rise of public cloud, the industry has been aggressively pushing the hybrid story to ... (more)

Microsoft's #MachineLearning | @CloudExpo #BigData #AI #ML #DL #DX

How Microsoft Is Making Big Impact with Machine Learning During the last two years, Microsoft has upped the ante on Machine Learning and Analytics. From hiring top notch data scientists to acquiring niche startups, Redmond has made the all the right moves to transform Azure into one of the best analytics platforms. These investments have started to pay off for the company. It has been successful in articulating and demonstrating the value of data-driven insights to governments, medical institutions, and public sector organizations. Emerging markets that are turning technology sav... (more)

How Cloud Enables #DigitalTransformation | @CloudExpo #AI #DigitalMarketing

How Cloud Enables Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Businesses Whether you are an owner of a thriving small business or a decision maker at an established enterprise, you cannot ignore digital technology. Businesses worldwide are going digital to deliver compelling experiences to customers, which is becoming a key differentiating factor. The rise of social and mobile have increased the discoverability of businesses. Consumers are turning to social media to find the right product and retailers based on recommendations and reviews from their friends. Before embracing soci... (more)

Ten Attributes of #Serverless | @CloudExpo #FaaS #AI #Lambda #OpenWhisk

Serverless Computing or Functions as a Service (FaaS) is gaining momentum. Amazon is fueling the innovation by expanding Lambda to edge devices and content distribution network. IBM, Microsoft, and Google have their own FaaS offerings in the public cloud. There are over half-a-dozen open source serverless projects that are getting the attention of developers. This year, expect to see new platforms emerging in this segment. With all the excitement and hype around serverless, it’s important to understand what really defines the platform. Here is an attempt to highlight the key at... (more)

Tutorial: Configuring Kubernetes 1.6 DevTest Environment in DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is an affordable cloud computing platform for developers. With presence across America, Asia, and Europe, it is one of the fastest growing public cloud services company. Kubernetes is also gaining ground, in the container orchestration ecosystem. Many businesses are considering it as the container management platform for production workloads. This tutorial walks you through the steps involved in configuring a multi-node Kubernetes cluster in DigitalOcean from a Mac. What’s unique about this guide is that it shows you the tips and tricks to take advantage of the feat... (more)